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Icon Commercial Management

Commercial management

The best route to a successful project is to get your pricing, your contract and its administration right from day one. Our professionals have many years of experience in site based commercial management and contract administration which will help you in achieving this aim. Do not wait for things to go wrong before acting, take action now.

Icon Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dispute avoidance

Not all arguments on site end up in a formal dispute resolution forum. However, parties often only avoid this situation by accepting sub-standard settlement terms, well short of their true entitlement due to an imbalanced negotiating position. We can help you avoid this unsatisfactory outcome by providing cost effective, commercial and contractual advice to help you avoid the costly and draining experience of a formal dispute.

Icon Expert Witness

Expert witness services

The team at Novus Resolve has a proven and established track record as independent construction professionals with many years of expert report writing and testifying experience. Our expert team has worked on disputes arising through litigation, adjudication and arbitration in various jurisdictions around the world. Clients rely on us for our independent and pragmatic expertise.

Icon Planning

Planning and delay analysis

Novus Resolveā€™s focus is the application of a common sense, practical based approach to forensic delay and disruption analysis. You can rely on our experience for advice and expert opinion on time related matters. Using a combination of planning software and factual evidence, our analysts will help you to prove your full entitlement.

Icon Litigation Support

Litigation support and ADR

Novus Resolve has supported litigation proceedings in the UK and in other jurisdictions around the world. You can have confidence in our ability as our people have worked on projects and disputes in most sectors of the built environment. We have assisted clients in various forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediations and matters heard in a range of court settings domestically and internationally.

Icon Claims Management

Insurance and bonds

We are regularly instructed in insurance matters. Our expert advice is provided to lawyers, insurers and policy holders in a variety of insurance related matters from professional negligence to surety bonds. Novus Resolve can help you accurately quantify loss associated with claims of this nature.